Sunday School Lessons

BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE – This series will help equip you to understand how faith impacts your family, your career, and your struggles. And all the while challenging you to live out your faith, right where you are, right as you are.
Jesus Changes Everything
Who is Jesus, anyway?
A good man.  A crazy person. A prophet. The Son of God.
You’ll often get a strong response if you talk to other people about Jesus.  Some will tell you they already know Him; some may say they want nothing to do with what you’re trying to sell.  Some might cry when hearing about Him; others may see it as an opportunity to debate.
Jesus has been a polarizing figure in history for centuries.  Mountains of opinions fill the landscape about who Jesus is and why He’s worth talking about in the first place. Jesus’ name may change the tone of a conversation, but His actions changed the world.
The Gospel of Mark was likely dictated to Mark by one of Jesus’ disciples–Peter, specifically.  And since Peter was a man of action, his account of Jesus’ life is a fast-paced examination of the things Jesus did.  As we look in the opening chapters of that Gospel, we’ll arrive at an incredible conclusion:  Jesus changes everything.