Sunday School Lessons

BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE – This series will help equip you to understand how faith impacts your family, your career, and your struggles. And all the while challenging you to live out your faith, right where you are, right as you are.
 The battle is won! Enjoy the Victory.
These are the days of “not yet.”  Those of us follow Christ live in an uncomfortable reality.  God has given us many great promises in Christ Jesus, but we’ve not yet experienced them all. Not yet.
Christ promised He would return – but not yet.
Jesus will ultimately make everything right – but not yet.
Christ promised to redeem our lives and welcome us into His glorious kingdom – but not yet.
As we live in this “in between” reality of life, it’s easy to forget that the story – God’s great story of redemption – has a happy ending.  Whenever we read the headlines or watch the news on TV, we sometimes wonder how things will turn out. We forget the war already has been won.  The future isn’t in doubt.
What all of this means on a practical level is that we can live in our present circumstance, whatever they are, with a joyful confidence because we know Christ has already secured our victory.  We can have courage in our obedience, enthusiasm in our evangelism, mercy in our forgiveness, and determination in our discipleship.
We can live each day with joy because we have victory. We are confident Jesus will finish what He has started in the whole world – and in us.