Sunday School Lessons

BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE – This series will help equip you to understand how faith impacts your family, your career, and your struggles. And all the while challenging you to live out your faith, right where you are, right as you are.
“Unstoppable Gospel”
 Nothing stops our God.  Nothing stops His gospel.
Don’t write off the church.  Some people already have.  They say they like Jesus, but there’s no point to the church.  As far as they’re concerned, the church is a failed institution.  The church is far from a lost cause.  In reality, the church is unstoppable because the followers of Christ have been given an unstoppable power – the very Spirit of God.  Even more, they’ve been given an unstoppable mission and message.
As the Book of Acts opens, we’ll see a room full of huddled, scared disciples who were completely powerless and uncertain of the future.  But we’ll also see these same followers become empowered and effective men and women advancing throughout the world, proclaiming the unstoppable gospel that turned the world upside down.
In Christ, we are unstoppable.