Church History

The original church was organized in 1901. It was named by Sister Sally McCloud. The original congregation’s founding families included J. P. McPherson, Henry Pierson, Sarah McGee, Betsy Johnson, S. M. McCloud, Willis Perkins, Walter Blair, Renia and Qunnie Perkins, Martha Alice Biggs, Melissa Blair, and Mary Bryan. The first Pastors were Rev. Leroy Bibbs and Rev. Lee Birdwell.
Over the years, for more favorable conditions, the church had several locations and a succession of pastors: Rev. D. W. Whitten, Rev. Joe J. James, Rev. H. Y. Williams, Rev. S. Scott, Rev. J. L. Lampley, Rev. E. D. Penn, and Rev. Ben J. Collins, Sr.
Beginning in 1937, Rev. Floyd Johnson served for 30 years assisted by his sons Rev. T. H. McMillon and Rev. Arlee King. * 1968 – Rev. Eugene King * 1974 – Rev. Willie Mays * 1978 – 1996 Rev. Victor Stevens
Rising Star has been under the leadership of Rev. Dexter B. Upshaw, Sr., since 1997. Under his leadership over 300 people have joined the Rising Star Family, 5 ministers of the gospel have been licensed, and 9 deacons have been ordained. Community outreach programs such as Operation Feed and the Thanksgiving Outreach Celebration have been implemented. Numerous ministries have been formed to provide opportunities for members to exercise their spiritual gifts in the church body.
In October 2005 we signed the contract to purchase our current location on Hillcrest. In June 2006 we held our first service at Hillcrest and had our 105th Church Anniversary and dedication service on September 10, 2006.
Through all the years of our history, Jesus Christ has been proclaimed through growing ministries and other avenues of service. Praise God for the vision of our forefathers and their sacrifices. May we follow their examples and leave such a legacy to those who follow us.