Our Vision and Core Values

   Our Vision Scripture:    “From the cradle beyond the grave, equipping the Saints to meet the spiritual, mental, physical and social needs of the community.”  Ephesians 4:12
   We are guided by our vision to become a purpose driven church. Rising Star is a Church that will change the community as we:
  • Educate
  • Equip
  • Empower
  • Edify
  • Evangelize Furthermore, we value the following:
  • Authenticity. We value being genuine in our faith. Our goal is to be real in our behavior and speech. We strive for character and integrity.
  • Commitment. Christ committed everything for us and we can do no less for Him. We believe that every believer ought to make a commitment to the local church through worship, bible study, service, and the giving of one’s financial resources to support the church.
  • Compassion. When one hurts we all hurt and when one rejoices we all rejoice.
  • Excellence. We believe that the highest standard should be set for everything we do. We believe there is accountability to God and to each other, and that we will continually evaluate what we do. “Excellence is not the goal; it is the standard”.
  • Family. We acknowledge the family as a creation of God to provide stability in society and to perpetuate godliness. We value the family unit in its many variables.
  • Fellowship. We are admonished not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.
  • Flexibility. We believe that change is expected and welcomed. We must never become rigid or bound by tradition in our thinking and practice.
  • Leadership. We believe that leaders should be spiritual, maturing, committed, and trained.
  • People. We accept people as they are. We are intentional about the establishment of relationships so that there can be genuine fellowship in the community.
  • Prayer. We are called to live our lives in complete dependence upon God.
  • Relationship. We are a community that is brought together by the love of Christ and held together by the love for one another.
  • Teaching. We are called to make disciples and teaching is an essential aspect of disciple-making.
  • The Word of God. We pursue Christian Education and promote individual study of God’s Word.
  • Unity. We consciously choose to join our hearts together for one purpose….we are one team for Christ.
  • Worship. We belong to Christ and He deserves our worship.
  • Youth. We love young people. We encourage them. We support them. We lead them. We teach them. We train them. We believe that gifted people, time, energy and resources should be directed toward their growth and development.