Sunday School Lessons

BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFE – This series will help equip you to understand how faith impacts your family, your career, and your struggles. And all the while challenging you to live out your faith, right where you are, right as you are.
God Is….
“God” is not His only name.
You are probably known by different names.  Those names reflect both your character and your relationships with those around you.  Not surprisingly, God has also been known by many names throughout the centuries.
The many names of God revealed in Scripture tell us much about His character.  Those names invite us to know Him in a growing, intimate relationship.  Knowing these names is important for three reasons:  God’s name is inherently great, God’s name protects and benefits us, and We represent God’s name and must bring honor to it.
The names of God are a love gift to us.  God reveals Himself fully so that we might experience His fullness.  As we look at six of those names, we’ll discover truths about the lovely character of our God.